The following are the meeting dates for 2020: (subject to change, see note below):

Tuesday, January 7  (Due to no cases this meeting is cancelled)

• Tuesday, February 4 (Meeting location changed to Theatre 3)

• Tuesday, March 10  (Delayed due to election day)

Tuesday, April 7 (Cancelled Due to COVID-19 Shelter in Place Order)

• Tuesday, May 5 (Due to COVID-19 meeting will be held via ZOOM Conference System)

 • Tuesday, June 2

• Tuesday, July 7

• Tuesday, August 4

• Tuesday, September 1

• Tuesday, October 13 Annual Meeting (Delayed one week due to TX National Night Out)

• Tuesday, November 10 (Delayed one week due to general election)

• Tuesday, December 1 Holiday Party         

6:30 PM Meeting Place:          
Warwick Melrose Hotel, 3015 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75219

FEBRUARY 4th meeting venue is Theatre 3 at the Quadrangle

***Note: From our Bylaws: "The regular meetings of the Oak Lawn Committee shall be on the first Tuesday of each month. When the week of the meeting contains a holiday, the President shall have the option of moving the meeting to the second Tuesday of that month. If the meeting date is an official Election Day, the meeting shall be held on the second Tuesday of that month. If the President and Secretary/Treasurer determine there is no business to conduct, they may cancel the regular meeting with notice to the members by the Friday before the meeting.