The Oak Lawn Committee was formed in 1982 to respond to the initial planning strategy developed by the Oak Lawn

Forum and the Urban Plan Department of the City of Dallas. The OLC is organized to address quality of life issues for

the greater Oak Lawn area, such as lessening the burdens of government, lessening of neighborhood tensions,

combating community deterioration, and most recently the erection of public monuments -- specifically the Legacy of

Love Monument at the Oak Lawn Triangle.

The Oak Lawn neighborhood was defined in Dallas city ordinances as Planned Development District No. 193 (link to

the City Code), the Oak Lawn Special Purpose District. The district is generally bounded by Woodall Rogers Freeway,

North Central Expressway, the City of Highland Park, Inwood Road, Harry Hines Boulevard. It is almost 15 square

miles in area. It is split between Dallas City Council Districts 2 and 14.(Click here for a map.)

The Oak Lawn Committee is a forum wherein those involved in and committed to the Oak Lawn area can exchange

information and be a vehicle by which those citizens can provide input on a continuing basis to all interested parties.

The original goals for a master plan for the Oak Lawn area are still a concern of the Oak Lawn Committee:

To achieve buildings more urban in form

Protection of investment – for residential and business property

Protection of the environment – for safe and healthy neighborhoods

Protection of the “ambiance” – to preserve the human scale, mixed use, green space, and pedestrian way that

is indigenous to Oak Lawn

Protection of the “people mix” – to preserve and maintain neighborhoods and dwelling units for the variety of

people that have been drawn to Oak Lawn

Preservation of historic areas and structures – to maintain identity and provide continuity

Preservation and enhancement of parks, open spaces, and recreational facilities

Development and maintenance of attractive and efficient transportation systems – to serve the needs of the

area, city, and region while being sensitive to the character of the Oak Lawn neighborhoods

Membership in the Oak Lawn Committee is open to anyone who lives or works in Oak Lawn or owns, leases, or rents

property in Oak Lawn.  Annual membership dues are $50 for an individual or $100 for an organization or business

with the term starting on January 1 of each year.  The regular monthly meetings are open to the public.

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